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Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies

Friday, May 13th, 2016 - Auto Insurance

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies

Having a good idea about the major auto insurance companies will help you to take correct decisions when it comes to car insurance. It is very important for you to find a right insurance company to ensure your vehicle. This article on insurance companies includes:

  • What are the various insurance features offered by 21st Century Insurance?
  • Find more details on Hagerty Insurance
  • What are the features of Response Insurance?

Knowing the top 10 auto insurance companies can help you make the right decision when it comes to your car insurance. Knowing who the major players in the business insurance industry are can help you when you are seeking coverage. Learning a little about the top auto insurance companies can help you decide which company may be right for you. Receive instant quotes on ORD Chicago airport car service and choose a reliable service provider.

  1. Esurance
    Esurance is considered by many to be one of the best auto insurance companies in the United States. With an easy claims policy, flexible coverage, and an array of insurance products and services, Esurance makes many of its customers happy. Whatever state you live in and whatever car you drive, this auto insurance agency can provide you with good, solid coverage for the road.
  2. Progressive Insurance Progressive Insurance offers several options for drivers. If you want to be covered by this top insurance provider, you can meet with a broker or agent. The company also has a web page that lets you get fast quotes and even compare quotes from other providers. This company offers fast response times and 24 hours, 7 day a week claims assistance. No matter when you need help, you can always reach someone at Progressive Insurance, a fact that puts many drivers at ease.
  3. GEICO Direct
    GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) Direct has been in business since 1936 and was the first company to offer direct insurance to clients – without the need of a broker. This helps the company keep costs down without compromising the quality of auto coverage. Today, the company has millions of satisfied customers.
  4. 21st Century Insurance
    21st Century Insurance offers a wide arrange of insurance features for the driver, including bodily injury, coverage, property damage coverage, liability coverage, collision coverage, medical payments coverage, excess coverage for extra medical expenses, rental reimbursement, additional equipment coverage for non-standard dealer equipment such as DVD players and car audio systems, towing and labor coverage, and a very full uninsured motorist coverage. This wide range of options allows each driver to select the range of options as well as the price of insurance coverage that is best.
  5. Comparison Market
    ComparisonMarket is considered by many industry watchers as one of the top independent, online car insurance companies in America. It is also considered among the top 10 auto insurance companies in North America. ComparisonMarket is internet-based and allows customers to compare several policies and several providers at once. This allows drivers to select from a wider array of prices and a wider array of insurance options.
  6. American Automobile Association
    The AAA (American Automobile Association) has long been recognized by drivers as one of the top options for cars. The AAA provides roadside assistance, travel planning, and even travel help to members – for a very reasonable membership fee. If you already have vehicle insurance, getting an AAA membership does provide you with an additional security and additional peace of mind. Plus, AAA now offers a number of car and financing services.
  7. Response Insurance
    Response offers affordable insurance and reasonable rates. New customers can apply online or through a broker. Response offers discounts to drivers with very good driving records. These responsible driver discounts are much appreciated by customers who are frustrated that they have to pay for bad drivers.
  8. Mercury Insurance Group
    Mercury offers fast claims service, affordable coverage and several convenient ways to manage and buy your insurance. Many drivers choose Mercury for its long record of good service – the company has been offering car insurance since 1962.
  9. National Motor Club
    National Motor Club offers drivers emergency roadside services, help with legal fees, travel and trip help, and discounts. Drivers can choose from “Diamond,” “Diamond Plus,” “Platinum,” and “Platinum Plus” membership options, so that car owners can choose a price range and features that they really want.
  10. Hagerty Insurance
    Hagerty Insurance specializes in drivers who have the collector or classic cars and boats. If you want extra protection and coverage for your rare collector car, then Hagerty is the insurance company that understands your unique needs. Hagerty offers a number of attractive services and features, including agreed value coverage, affordable rates even on large collections of cars, flexible use, and 24-hour roadside help. Hagerty is one the finest insurance providers for classic cars because the company makes it possible for you to actually drive your car affordable and with peace of mind. The company even organizes special events for classic car owners.

If you need a vehicle insurance provider, knowing the top 10 auto insurance companies can help you make the right decision about whop to trust with your business. After all, the customers who make specific companies the top auto insurance companies do so because they are happy enough with the insurance coverage to stay with the company. If the top insurance providers make so many customers happy, they can likely offer you the services you need, too.

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